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Ringtone Floss in the Bank

Format: mp3
Filesize: 680 Kb
Quality 128-192 kbps.
Duration 36 seconds.

Ringtone: Tyga – Floss in the Bank


Floss in the bank (Ayy), still got candy on the paint (Paint).
Lookin' like a safe (Safe), ten bad bitches on a date (Date),
I'm the reason why them niggas hate.
Man, them niggas gon' hate (Hate), ayy,
Floss in the bank (Ayy), ten bad bitches on a date (Date).
Lookin' like a safe (Safe), she got ass like a cake (Cake),
Walkin' in, flossin' in the bank (Ayy).
Floss in the bank (Whoa), yeah, make that ass shake (Shake),
Can I get fries with that shake?
What's on the menu today? Okay,
Put it in the face (Yeah), I like them thighs with some weight (Weight, weight).

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Floss in the Bank
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