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Ringtone Dream Glow

Format: mp3
Filesize: 492 Kb
Quality 128 kbps.
Duration 27 seconds.

Ringtone: BTS, Charli XCX - Dream Glow


λˆˆλΆ€μ…¨λ? λ―Έλž? 에 에 에
μž μ‹œλ§Œ 멈μΆ? 채 에 에
Dream glow, glow (Hey, hey).
λ‚΄ κΏˆμ€ μ—¬κΈ° Stay 에 에 에
λ‚? 포기 μ•ˆ ν• κ²Œ 에 에
You'll glow, glow (Hey, hey).
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Dream Glow
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