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Ringtone K CAMP - Lottery (Renegade)

Format: mp3
Filesize: 456 Kb
Quality 128 kbps.
Duration 25 seconds.


Cash on me like I hit the lottery (Hit the lottery),
Hoes a trip, watch 'em how they fall on me (Wait).
Hundreds blue, yeah, I got 'em all on me
Go (Go), go (Go), go (Go), go, let's go (Mmh)
Prada shoes, yeah, I keep a style on me (Style on me)
Pretty freaks, make them bitches pile on me (I swear).
Rack party, I got thirty thou' on me (Right now)
Go (Go), go (Go), go (Go), let's go.
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K CAMP - Lottery (Renegade)
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