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Ringtone Quarter Milli

Format: mp3
Filesize: 532 Kb
Quality 128 kbps.
Duration 30 seconds.

Ringtone: Offset ft. Gucci Mane - Quarter Milli


I made a whole mil' off of the dribble (M&M)
Bought a Richard Mille, quarter milli' (Richard Mille)
Sippin' out the seal, hurt the kidneys (Sippin', seal)
Trappin' Bobby, R.I.P to Whitney (Brown)
Lamborghini, 12 come get me (12)
Audemar Piguets, one-fifty (Piguets)
The ball-man make one call (Boss, brr)
Hit him with the saw (Raa)
Pull up, Ferrari, creep, crawl (Skrrt, skrrt)
Then I put my wrist on froze (Ice, yeah)
Yeah, I went rose-gold with the Patek (Patek)
I had to grab the choppa for the static (Braa, braa)
Mama in Celine, fuck my daddy (Mama)
Luther King with the dream, work magic (Luther King)
Pinky ring start a scene, need glasses (Pinky ring)
Get to floatin' off the lean like Aladdin (Woo, woo)
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Quarter Milli
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